Most Selling Products Online

Clothing & Apparels

Clothing & Apparel is most selling niche in online e-commerce marketplace. It constitutes the largest segment of all products sold online in India. Under this category profit margin vary between 10-70%. Apparels include lady’s clothes, men’s clothing, children’s dresses & clothing accessories.

Skin & Beauty Products

Many skin care products like face cream, lotion, face masks, moisturizers, eye kajal deo & perfumes are always in high demand that are sold online. Hair care products like hair gel, hair cream, hair color, hair shampoo, hair dryers etc. are widely popular selling online products through ecommerce sites. Nykaa is one of the fastest growing online company under this category. Profit margin is approx. 15-80%.

Consumer Electronics

Many people buy electronic items online due to lower price from the market. Ecommerce company like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal have tie ups with big brands in electronic items due to which they are able to sell these items at lower price from the local market. Profit margin is approx. 15-40%.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are very popular items for sale on eCommerce sites under electronic item category. Many popular brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo etc. consumes large percentage of market share. All brands and models available in the open market are also sold through online sites. Profit margin is approx. 5-20%.

Books Online

Consumer can easily buy books online from many online eCommerce websites. Many types of books like educational, non fictional, fictional, technological, motivational, biopics, comics and reference books from Indian as well as foreign publishers are available across eCommerce sites. Profit margin is approx. 20-60%.

Footwear Items

Footwear (shoes, slippers, sandals, and snickers) are most selling online products now a days. Brands lovers prefer to buy footwear online through various popular eCommerce sites. Many famous brads like Nike, Puma, Addidas, Reebok, UCB, Bata etc. are available online with huge discounts. Profit margin is approx. 20-60%.

Grocery Items

Daily grocery items are also available online with high discounts and fast delivery option, therefore, customers are now preferring online grocery buying option as their daily habit. Profit margin is approx. 5-30%.

Handmade Items

Handcrafted items such as bags, costume jewellery, suits, decorating items, scarves, lamps, footwear, table mats etc. are rapidly gaining popularity as items for online sale in India. Profit margin is approx. 15-70%.

Computer Hardware, Software, and Accessories

Computer hardware accessories like laptops, desktops, disk drives, CD Rom, storage devices, printers, scanners, keyboard, mouse, and switches are main products that people buy online in India. Many market’s leading brands are easily available to customers at large discounted prices. Profit margin is approx. 10-30%.

Video Games

Video games are also quite popular items to sell online in many famous E-Commerce sites in India like Amazon, Flipkart. Children are quite fond of video games and it constitutes large revenue source for online video gaming products. Profit margin is approx. 20-80%.

Household Appliances

Many household appliances like mixture grinder, microwave ovens, pressure cookers, washing machines, fridge, electric irons, electric kettle, rice cookers, induction plates, etc are popular that are being sold online. Profit margin is approx. 12-30%.

Toys and Games

Kids toys like, mouser guns, remote cars, snakes ladder, snipers, helicopters, electric trains etc are sold online in large volume. Profit margin is approx. 15-40%.

Gardening & Home Decor Items

Gardening & home decor items like grass mat, drapes, lamps, artificial flowers, cushion covers, furnishings, tea coasters, wall paintings, wall-hangings etc. are sold online. Profit margin is approx. 10-30%.

Jewellery & Fashion Accessories

Jewelry items (Rings, neck less, tops, earrings) & Fashion accessories like belts, goggles, hand bags, tie, bow ties, purses, studs, wallets, head bands & watches) are sold online with high volume. Profit margin is approx. 20-60%.

Crockery Items

Online marketplaces are widely used for buying kitchenware like utensils, crockery, cutlery, storage jar etc. Profit margin is approx. 8-30%.

Food and Health Supplements

Food and health supplements is another popular category where people who are heath conscious buy health related products online.  Profit margin is approx. 15-60%.

Sports Goods and Fitness Equipment

Sport goods & Fitness equipment’s have been very interesting niche for people buying online products. Profit margin is approx. 15-40%.

Baby Care Products

Daily consumable items for new born babies are huge revenue generator when it comes to online sales. Products like soap, powder, lotions, cream, oil, linen and diapers are sold on online retail sites. Profit margin is approx. 15-50%.

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