Richest Person in the World

Top 10 richest persons across the world and Asia

As per the accounts of today, the share of wealth accommodated by top 10 is worth $1,145 billion. This proportion covers roughly around 14.41% of the wealth around the world. These figures are attributed to their financial performance in various sectors. 

World statistics: Top 10 richest persons

  1. Name         : Bernard Arnaut

Age            : 72

Country    : France

Being the CEO and the chairperson of the LVMH, which is a luxury goods company spread across 70 brands accounts for around $186.3 billion. His major stakes in the popular brands include Sephora, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior.

2. Name       : Jeff Bezos

Age           : 57

Country   : America

Turning a garage of Seattle into a famous has possibly made him a renowned person and one of the top 10 richer people in the world. From selling the books from the shelves, amazon serves as the one corner to shop everything online. Amazon’s net worth is estimated at $186 billion.

3. Name       : Elon musk

Age          : 49

Country  : South Africa   

Founder of the Tesla, Elon musk has come out as a game-changer by inducing an electric car for transportation and launching the rockets from Space X. Elon musk’s wealth accounts for a net worth of $151 billion with Space X covering a net worth of $100 billion have made him bag the 3rd position in the top 10.

4. Name       : Bill Gates

Age          : 65

Country  : United States

Bill Gates marks the 4th position in the list of top 10 wealthiest people on the earth. He is the co-founder of the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, which is the largest private charitable foundation. He also had co-founded Microsoft with Paul Ellen, but now only has a 1% stake in its share with the rest invested in stocks and other assets. His net worth is $125.5 billion.

5. Name       : Mark Zuckerberg

Age          : 37

Country  : United states

Mark Zuckerberg makes his place in the top list as the youngest billionaire. He runs a communication channel, “Facebook”. He owns 15% of its share. He started it in 2004 at Harvard University and has come out as the biggest source of communication. His net worth is $117.7 billion. He and his wife have pledged to give away their 99% stakes over their lifetime.  

6. Name      : Warren Buffet

Age         : 90

Country : United states

With the title “Oracle of Omaha” is the inspiring investor of all times. He runs Berkshire Hathaway, owner of more than 60 companies that cover famous brands like Dura cell, insurer Geico and restaurant chain Dairy queen. Launcher of “The pledge” along with Bill gates had announced for donating their 50% wealth for a charitable cause. His net worth accounts for $109.4 billion.

7. Name      : Larry Ellison

Age         : 76

Country  : United States

With a stake of 35%, Larry is the Chief technology officer, chairperson, and co-founder of major software “Oracle”. After giving up as CEO of the oracle, he joined the Tesla board in 2018. He has spent $200 million to buy an island of Hawaiian lanai and has established a hydroponic farm and luxury spa there. He accounts for the worth of $103.1 billion.

8. Name      : Larry Page

Age         : 48

Country  : United states

As a shareholder, controller, and board member of the alphabet after dropping down as CEO, owns a net worth of $102.8 billion. He also co-founded Google with Surgery Brin. At present Page is funding “flying cars” such as Opener and Kitty Hawk.

9. Name        :  Surgery Brin

Age           :  47

Country   :  Russia

After serving as President of Alphabet, now Surgery Brin is designated as controller, board member, and shareholder of Alphabet, Surgery Bin is the co-founder of Google. Alphabet is a parent company of Google. Currently, Surgery Brin is busy handling his airship project. His net worth is $99.6 billion.

10. Name      :  Amancio Ortega

Age           : 85

Country    : Spain

He is the clothing retailer and co-founder of Inditex. Well known for the fashion chain Zara, he owns 60% of Inditex with 6 major brands and 7500 stores. He is currently indulging his investments in real estate across Madrid, Barcelona, London, and New York. He accounts for a net worth of 88.5 billion.

Asia Statistics: Top 10 richest people across Asia continent

  1. Name    : Mukesh Ambani

Age        : 63

Country : India

Covering the major sectors of the economy, Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is the wealthiest person in Asia with a net worth of $84.5 billion. He got a surge in his net worth from $36. 8 billion last year. He has a keen interest in petrochemicals, retail sector, telecom, and oil and gas sector. He is the largest shareholder and owner of Reliance Ltd.

2. Name     : Gautam Adani

Age         : 58

Country : India

Founder and chairman of Adani Group, Gautam Adani is active in port development and its functions across India. He is also the president of the Adani Foundation. He controls the major Mundra port in Gujarat. Other companies are Adani Enterprises, Adani Green, Adani Total Gas, and Adani Power. His net worth is $81.5 billion.

3. Name    : Zhong Shanshan

Age        : 66

Country : China

Known for the king of bottled water, he chairs nofgu spring. His company share was listed in Hong Kong in the year 2020. His wealth has considerably increased in the last twelve months with $68.9 billion.

4. Name     : Ma Huateng

Age         : 49

 Country : China

He holds Chinese major Internet technology “Tencent”. The company has also developed “we chat” that offers instant messaging services all over the world. Last year, India-China Standoff 59 Chinese applications including “we chat” were banned in India. Its holdings cover a net worth of $65.8 billion.

5. Name    : Collin Huang Zehng

Age        : 41

Country : China

He is the CEO leading an online discounter site named “Pinduoduo”. He is also the owner of three other companies, having a stake of 7.7% each in “Pinduoduo”. He had founded one game company earlier

With the name “Xinyoudi” and online e-commerce site “Ouku”. His net worth is $55.3 billion.

6. Name    : Jack Ma Yun

Age        : 50

Country : China

Former CEO and co-founder of Alibaba Group has a net worth of $48.4 billion. He marks 6th position in the top 10 list in Asia continent.

7. Name     : Masayoshi Son

Age         : 63

Country : Japan

As the CEO of Soft bank, Soft bank mobile and chairman of UK-based arms hold an estimated worth of $45.4 billion. He is Japan’s richest person by surpassing Tadashi Yanai this year. 

8. Name     : Tadashi Yanai

Age         : 72

Country : Japan

Tadashi Yanai runs the parent retail company of clothing, which is a parent company of Uniqlo. With the 8th position, he has a net worth of $44.1 billion

9. Name      : Wang Wei

Age          :  50

Country  : China

He chairs the S.F Express, which is a logistics company. He is one of the Chinese billionaires who has made his way into the top 10. His total worth is accounted at $39 billion.

      10. Name      : He Xiangjian

Age         : 78

 Country  : China

He is the co-founder of the appliance maker company named “Midea”. After giving up as CEO of the company, his son (He Jiang Feng) succeeded as the director of Midea Group and Midea real estate holding. His holdings are net worth $37.7 billion, securing him a 10th position in the Asia top 10.

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