What is 5G technology?


It is a 5th generation wireless technology in the mobile networks after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. It is a new network that offers high speed range of data uplink and downlink. It will enable virtual connectivity for its customers. It would enable the customers to avail services at a higher pace.   

How is it different?

  • It is a millimeter-wave spectrum (30-300 GHz) that offers high-speed internet without any interruptions.
  • It is the latest up-gradation in the long-term evolution (LTE) mobile broadband networks.
  • Its speed coverage is tested as 20gbps (Giga per second) as high against 1gbps of 4G.
  • Three bands are offered by 5G spectrum: a low band with maximum coverage with speed up to 100mbps; mid-band with lesser coverage and higher speed; a high band with limited coverage and highest speed.

Worldwide 5G technology acceptance

With the inception of advanced technology like edge computing, cloud, AI, and others, another milestone has to be realized. It will be like stepping into the fourth industrial revolution for India. Many countries have already started tapping this wave in order to bid for this cellular and upgraded technology. So far, United States has rolled out in 50 cities. South Korea has achieved major coverage in about 85 cities. Japan and China have entered the race with its testing on a trial basis. For India, it would facilitate a “Digital India” campaign and easy access to healthcare services.

Why there is a delay of 5G rollout in India?

  • Indian telecom companies are facing challenges in infrastructure augmentation as 5G requires a fundamental change in communication infrastructure.
  • Consumers face a financial limitation upon upgrading to expensive technology.
  • There is a lack of capital with the telecoms companies and therefore pose a hurdle in the rollout process.
  • A global pandemic could make its way for the next financial year.

India has a longer way to enter this technology. It needs the convergence of the communication policy in view of this latest advancement. As India is going through the second phase of deadly corona virus, it might delay its enablement. Still, India has entered the early stage of trials. With the induction of this technology, India could play a decisive role at global level.

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